History of Tres Hermanos

Tres Hermanos cigars are the result of a cigar lover’s dream.
Fascinated by good cigars, especially cuban cigars, the owner of Tres Hermanos decided to create, for it’s personal and friends use a “perfect” cigar. This cigar should not give you headache but it should have a powerful taste reminding you of the best possible smoke. It should be hand made in high-end quality with a maduro wrapper. Absolutely no chemicals should be used during the manufacturing process. The tobacco leaves will be naturally fermented as many times as needed to obtain the desired quality. The result is definitely a connoisseur’s cigar.

The logo of the cigar brand has been inspired by family purposes and by the famous bar “Dos Hermanos”, situated on the harbour of La Habana, Cuba founded in 1894 by the González brothers from Granada, Spain.