The vitolas

Tres Hermanos cigars are available in different sizes.

The three original sizes (N°1 to 3) made out of the same blend are:

N°1: A short-wide Robuste called “Gordito” with a length of 11 cm and a diameter of 2.3 cm (ring 60)

N°2: A Piramide (Torpedo) with a length of 15.3 cm and a ring of 52

N°3: A Robusto with a length of 12.4 cm and a ring of 50 (1.98 cm)

Later with its “reserva” blend, the brand has added three more sizes to its range (N°4 to 6):

N°4: A “Short Gordito” (4×70) with a length of 10 cm and a diameter of 2.7 cm (ring 70)

N°5: A Salomon with a length of 19 cm and a ring 57.

N°6: A “Big Hermano – 1866″ with a length of 18 cm and a diameter of 2.6 cm (ring 66)