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Tres Hermanos cigars have been developed to offer complete satisfaction to the finest connoisseurs. They surprise the senses with their tastes and flavors of great finesse. Tres Hermanos cigars were born out of the owner’s passion for light and exquisite smokes. Originally, the production was kept exclusively for a small number of insiders and was not for sale. The informed amateurs who could try them have quickly been seduced by Tres Hermanos cigars that generated general enthusiasm. It is this general enthusiasm that encouraged the owner to start commercialization of his brand in order to offer that benefit to more people. In particular, he decided to increase production to make these cigars accessible to a wider audience. Our cigars are available for sale in our e-shop , as well as in many shops, restaurants and hotels.

To this day, Tres Hermanos cigars are still a brand of “boutique” cigars due to the scarcity of the raw material used. It is very difficult to obtain the raw materials that give these cigars their special taste.

Tres Hermanos cigars are a blend of high quality tobacco leaves from different origins. They are carefully selected to make cigars with unique tastes and exceptional flavors.


A History, A Passion

The owner of Tres Hermanos is a consumer who has had a great fascination with good cigars. Constantly in search of the best flavors, he decided to create a “perfect” cigar for his personal use and that of his friends. He wanted to give this cigar a strong taste while keeping it from giving a headache. The obtained taste was about to remind you of the best possible smokes. The cigars made by the owner of Tres Hermanos had to be handmade with a high quality finish as well as a beautiful wrapper. The manufacturing process uses absolutely no chemicals. The tobacco leaves will be fermented naturally as many times as necessary to obtain the desired quality. The end result is a cigar dedicated to experienced amateurs.

La compositon

A Unique Blend

Like some of the best wines in the world, Tres Hermanos cigars are a blend of tobacco leaves from different origins. There are many possible origins of tobacco for making cigars and each has its own specificity, just like the “terroir” of a good wine.
Tres Hermanos cigars are made from a blend of the best tobaccos you can get, blended to get the desired flavor, strength, draw and combustion. About one-quarter to one-third of the filler mixture is made up of tobacco native to the Caribbean. Then there is a mixture of Dominican and Peruvian tobacco leaves. The binder leaf is Dominican while the wrapper leaf comes from Ecuador.
The cigars are then carefully handcrafted in Costa Rica.

Our Commitment

The best ingredients

100% handmade

Swiss quality standards

Notre Best Seller

N°4: The Short Gordito

The Short Gordito cigar is our most popular model. Resulting from long years of development, its unique composition, its exceptional aromas and its fragrances will certainly seduce you!





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